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New! Request-fest! - Only $1.25 each!
New requested designs for machine embroidery are only $1.25 each!  
We're always so inspired by the creative requests that pour in from stitchers all over the world! A brand new Request-fest showcases these excellent ideas with an amazing variety of themes and styles.

Beautifully realistic birds, baroque sea life, camping scenes, animal sketches, and more make up an impressively diverse selection.

These exciting designs are on sale now, only $1.25 each! Click here to get all your favorites now!
New requested designs for machine embroidery are only $1.25 each!   New requested designs for machine embroidery are only $1.25 each!   New requested designs for machine embroidery are only $1.25 each!

Select designs for machine embroidery are on sale for only $1.25 each!  
It's a Request-fest Roundup! Over 300 hand-picked designs from customer requests make up an amazing variety. Choose from animal and bird sketches, flowers, butterflies, lighthouses, monster trucks, wildlife, and more. They're all on sale for you now: only $1.25 each! Click here to see the incredible selection!
We highlight your ideas each week with a special Request of the Week design. This week, beautiful Sandhill Cranes are featured with stunning realism. See these fabulous designs, and more excellent requests here!


Popular as gifts as well as hot-sellers at craft fairs, the Let's Dish Kitchen towel is always among the most-downloaded tutorials. Click here for a delicious variety of designs to pair with the towel, as well as a link to this favorite project.
Embroiderers love baroque designs, with colorful subjects set against elegant background swirls. Make pillows, towels, totes, and quilts. Wherever you stitch these elegant designs, they're sure to add a magnificent look to your projects.
Beautiful flowers bring fresh, vibrant color to your embroidery projects. Sleek circles and round shapes are graceful additions to aprons, placemats, pillow shams, and tote bags. Find an excellent selection of top-trending circle and wreath designs.

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