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Attire for Awaiting Abigail's Arrival

Created By Becky

Becky put her Babylock Ellegante to serious work! These shirts were made when her daughter, Alissa, was expecting her third daughter. She shares, "I spent the winter making little Abigail Grace a whole wardrobe." She did go on to make items for her two other granddaughters as well. Not one to leave anyone out, she made a shirt for her daughter and, for herself, a grandma-in-waiting shirt. She says, "What a fun way to pass away the cold winter weather! My Babylock Ellegante got several hundreds miles put on it!" Alissa looks stunning in her shirt! Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and your fun projects, Becky! For other moms- or grandmas-to-be, check out the Moms-to-be and Pregnancy department.

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