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Monkey Quilt for a Friend

Created By Judie

Judie made this sweet quilt and darling bibs on her Brother PR600 Designer Diamond. She says, "The Little Miss Monkey designsare so cute! The quilt uses eight of those plus the Gone Bananas Corner. Also included a photo of two bibs with the same designs. These items were made for the granddaughter of a woman who works at the local YMCA. She's such a friendly person and works quite hard. Once I learned she became a grandmother again, I had to make something special for her. She was virtually speechless when she saw the quilt. That sort of reaction enhances the joy of sewing for someone. Embroidery Library's wonderful designs make any gift extra special." That is a terrific story to go with a beautiful quilt. Thank you for sharing this generous and wonderful project with us, Judie!

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