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Toby's Alphabet Blocks

Created By Carolyn

Ive made each one of our grandchildren tote bags with alphabet blocks that Ive designed. Here are some pictures of the set I made our grandson, Tobias, for Christmas. We celebrated our Christmas at Thanksgiving this year, as thats when we were able to all be together. Tobys family lives in Kansas City, our daughter lives in Florida, and we live in Ohio. Toby will be 2 soon, and he has always been fascinated with computers, remotes, anything electronic. We have a great time webcamming on Sundays. Toby has always wanted to type Mimi [me] an instant message, but for some reason, Daddy wont let him! :-) So I chose your Webmaster Teddy design for the pocket of his tote bag. Instead of designing my own blocks this time, I used your Magnificent Menagerie designs. I made the complementary word blocks so that Toby would have about the same number of blocks as his siblings. I stitch the designs on bull denim. Before removing from the hoop, I put a piece of flannel upside down on the design and stitched around it, leaving a small opening to turn the block. Then I unhooped, trimmed, turned & pressed, and hand-stitched the opening closed. I really like to make the children educational things. With these blocks, my hubby teased me that Toby was going to have a warped perception of the animal world! :-) Since the picture of Toby opening the gift doesnt show his adorable face, Ive enclosed another just so you can see him. He makes me smile. :-) I have a Brother PC-8500. Carolyn

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