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Fabrics 101: Embroidering on Pre-quilted Fabric

For projects that need a soft touch, pre-quilted fabric is a popular choice. Quilting, or stitching multiple layers of fabric together to make a thicker layer, was first done for utility rather than artistic effect. The layers create a warm and protective fabric with endless uses. When you need a sturdy yet soft fabric for tote bags, organizers, and cases that cushion and protect what's inside, pre-quilted fabric is just right for the job!

Steps To Complete

Choosing Your Materials

FABRIC: Pre-quilted fabrics are generally made up of a sheet of lightweight cotton fabric, stitched in a regular pattern to a layer of batting. Some pre-quilted fabrics have another layer of cotton on the back, which makes both sides attractive and useful. The stitching is often in a diamond pattern, but other patterns can be found too. Choose any pre-quilted fabric you like -- you can't really go wrong!

DESIGN: Matched with the right stabilizer, pre-quilted fabric can support a variety of embroidery, from light redwork to solid stitch-filled designs.

NEEDLE: As usual, a 75/11 sharp sewing needle will help create a crisp design.

STABILIZER: Depending on the design you're using, you may have different stabilizer options. Cutaway stabilizer is never a bad choice, and it'll be necessary for solid stitch-filled designs. Light and open designs such as the elephant stitched below will probably stitch out just fine with tearaway stabilizer. (We don't recommend tearaway often, because it doesn't provide as much support as cutaway stabilizer - so enjoy!)

Embroidering on Pre-Quilted Fabric

STABILIZER: Spray a piece of cutaway stabilizer (see stabilizer note above) with temporary spray adhesive, and smooth the pre-quilted fabric on top.

HOOPING: Hoop both layers rightly together

Embroider the design.

FINISHING: Trim excess stabilizer from the back of the embroidery.

And your angel is done! Embroidering on pre-quilted fabric is pretty easy and straightforward. This material is great to use in tote bags, protective cases, and organizers of all types!

This light-stitching elephant shows another fun look you can achieve with pre-quilted fabric. The quilting shows through the design a bit, but it fades into the background. Too cute!

We've used pre-quilted fabric in a variety of projects, such as this crock pot carrier...

this merry stocking-shaped oven mitt...

this holiday mitten decor...

and these classic oven mitts!

Have fun dreaming up even more uses for pre-quilted fabric!