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Bobblins are mythical creatures responsible for bobbin troubles, tension woes, and a variety of other sewing mishaps that occur while machine embroidering. Like a toddler, they should not be left unattended for long, and are prone to boredom. If they weren't so cute, they would have long since gone extinct. But now you can enjoy their antics seven days a week!

  • This design pack contains seven different designs featuring a bobblin creating chaos, along with a corresponding day of the week.
  • The text in each machine embroidery design is on a separate color stop, giving you the ability to skip the text if you prefer.
  • Without the text, this design will be a fun accent on aprons, table linens, and projects for your craft room. With the text, it is perfect for tea towels.
  • Contain sheer stitching and white areas that are open to fabric. Stitch on solid-color fabrics for best results.

Designs Included In this Pack

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