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 AllStitch Machine Embroidery Supplies

We've recently partnered with AllStitch Machine Embroidery Supplies, and recommend their online store for all of your material needs. We particularly love working with Madeira thread, which you can easily shop for on AllStitch. Check out their website for thread, stablizer, notions & more! When you shop using our affiliate links, Embroidery Library will receive a commission from the sale.

 Classic Sewing Magazine

Classic Sewing magazine features beautiful patterns for children’s garments, casual pieces, gifts, and projects galore from everyday sewing to heirloom garments. Published four times a year, each issue includes some projects with a focus on machine embroidery. Explore recent features and subscribe to Classic Sewing!


Affiliate Links:

You may notice affiliate links in some parts of our website, emails or social media posts.  These links will take you to materials and stores that we have vetted and tested. You won't pay any extra when shopping with those links, but Embroidery Library will earn a small commission.

Ultimately, our goal is to guide our customers to products and supplies that will help them make amazing projects. We put the time and thought into testing these resources so you can shop confidently.