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On Wednesdays, Bobblins throw all caution to the wind and choose to run with scissors!

  • This days-of-the-week machine embroidery design is perfect for creating tea towels.
  • The word "Wednesday" is on a separate color stop, giving you the ability to skip the text if you prefer.
  • Without the text, this design will be a fun accent on aprons, table linens, and projects for your craft room.
  • Contains sheer stitching and white areas that are open to fabric. Stitch on solid-color fabrics for best results.

Note: Bobblins are mythical creatures responsible for bobbin troubles, tension woes, and a variety of other sewing mishaps that occur while machine embroidering. Like a toddler, they should not be left unattended for long, and are prone to boredom. If they weren't so cute, they would have long since gone extinct.

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