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A Bevy of Bags

Created By Heidi

Hi Deb - First of all, let me tell you that I love your site. Actually, I believe Ive become addicted to it (check my account - I cant stay away). You have the best designs and the sales are unmatched by any other. So, thank you for that. A little background. I was laid off from a government contract along with many others last April. I had already started a small embroidery business out of my home that I did evenings and weekends. I call my business The Bag Lady Custom Embroidery because I started by making canvas tote bags. After the layoff and a heart-to-heart with my husband, rather than spending countless hours trying to find employment elsewhere, we decided that I would try to grow the business over the summer of 2009 and see how it went. It went very well and I am proud to say that I am currently working it full time and love being my own boss and working my own schedule. I havent done any advertising other than putting my business pens or magnets in with my completed orders. However, my customers have been my best advertisement by recommending me to their friends and family and organizations that they belong to. Now, the reason for this email. I am preparing for an upcoming holiday craft bazaar in November and have decided that one of the items I will offer will be tote / book bags for children and adults (what else would The Bag Lady do?). I stitched up a couple of childrens totes this afternoon using the free design Ted E. Bearcrow. The cutest! I can see making many more of these because they are adorable. Ive attached photos of Ted as well as some of the other totes Ive done with designs from your site. I love the literature silhouette designs and plan to do all of them. I also included an apron that features the cupcake design from your site. I hope you enjoy seeing the fun you provide to me as well as so many others and that knowing how happy you have made me makes you a bit happy as well. Regards, Heidi Launer The Bag Lady Custom Embroidery Alamogor

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