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A Corncob Hat and A Button Nose

Created By Mary

Mary Catherine stitched the Snowman (Lace) design on this shirt using her Baby Lock. She provides free project instructions, too! She writes, "Actually, I did a little bit of design editing before stitching. I embroidered the main or inside portion of the snowman on heavy duty water soluble stabilizer. Next, I unclipped the hoop from the machine, but I did not unhoop the project. Then, I attached the shirt to the underneath side of the hoop, so the design would rest on top of the shirt. (Yes, that part of the project was a little tricky.) I finished embroidering by sewing the satin stitch outline. This secured the snowman to the shirt. The final step in the project was trimming the shirts fabric from behind the snowman, and washing away the rest of the original stabilizer. Voila! A snowman embroidery that appears as sheer on the shirt as a snowflake." Voila indeed! The snowman turned out beautifully on the white shirt. Thanks for sharing the idea and the great directions, Mary Catherine!

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