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Bat Mitzvah

Created By Marilyn

Marilyn's project, stitched with her Janome 350e, includes a Prayer Shawl, a challah covering, a yarmulke for a Bat Mitzvah girl. She writes about the project: "The Bat Mitzvah girl wanted dark brown and royal blue. I used lighter versions of same tones to add badly needed contrasts. he brown silk is silk tussah. The royal blue silk is dupioni. The challah cover (fabric placed over bread when prayer is said, then removed) was ordered as a gift by her grandparents. The kippah/yarmulke/skull cap was also created with block party designs." Passover began on Monday evening and will last until next Monday evening. This eight-day holiday centered on freedom from slavery and has several commandments that are specific to the holiday. As a Bat Mitzvah (daughter of the commandments), the recipient will certainly be able to use these lovely creations during the holiday! Thanks for sharing, Marilyn! And mazel tov to the young woman!

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