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Beautiful Cards with Depth

Created By Sara

Sara tells us how she made these gorgeous cards... "I have used many of your designs for greeting cards. At first, I tried the designs for cardstock, but they just didnt do justice to the work, so I now sew out designs on netting over wss, wash out the wss, trim the netting, using a heat tool to clean the netting off the edges, and attach the designs on top of the cardstock. It gives it a 2D appearance and allows adding other colors of cardstock. My church group every year makes valentines for the local nursing home and most of my cards have been used for them. I really enjoy Embroidery Library designs, which I've used in a lot of other ways as well." These cards are stunning. I love the 2D effect! Thank you for sharing this lovely project with us, and the details of how you made these so wonderful!

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