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Circus Rag Quilt

Created By Winnie

I love this circus quilt from Winnie. The colors and the arrangement of the designs is wonderful. She writes... "I have been working on a Circus flannel rag quilt and I finished it today. It definitely has been a fun project and it is go bright and colorful that it makes all the snow we have seem insignificant. I knew that the designs from the Circus Train pack would be perfect for the circus fabric that I found. I also used the Carousel feature, Monkey N Round and clowns from the Clown Alphabet. I absolutely love the clowns. I added a balloon bunch to each clown. I changed some of the thead colors to coordinate with my fabric and I mirror imaged a couple of the clowns. I am super pleased with the finished quilt. Snow days dont bother me, because they are SEW days." Sew days! Sew true. Thanks for sharing this fabulous quilt with us, Winnie. Wonderful work as always.

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