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Conversation Piece

Created By Judy

Judy writes of this fabulous quilt she stitched, with a cast! "This is my latest finished embroidery project. I started it about 10 months ago and finally figured out how to complete it. I embroidered the squares (and there are a lot of them!) when searching for a project I could work on with a cast on my right hand. This was perfect-as long as I could thread my Designer SE, I could do the rest. My husband suggested using a fabric that looked like a light colored leather and we ended up using Ultra Suede. It stitched out beautifully. I used the stipple designs in the four corners as I needed something to fill in the number of squares I had chosen. One of the photos shows the center of the quilt and the placement of the designs with the Creation Raven and People in the very center. The rest of the designs were placed to tell the story. We decided it should be a wall hanging and here it is in our living room; quite the conversation piece." I absolutely agree that this should be hung front and center in your home, because it is wonderful. I'm so impressed you did it with one hand! And that your husband is an active participant in your sewing. So cool. Thanks for sharing this fabulous project, and story, with us, Judy!

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