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Crafty Couture Denim Shirt

Created By Dianna

I am a big fan of Sunbonnet Sue, so you folks will have my pocketbook for the next year, Im afraid...hahaha I live in Central Texas and a lot of times in the winter it isnt cold enough for a coat but you need something...this is the back of the denim shirt that I wear frequently...I will say one thing though, I am not really sure that Sewing is cheaper than therapy...just a lot more fun. The front of the shirt has the quilting tweets and the story of my life, As ye sew, so shall ye rip...I bought another denim shirt, just havent figured out what I am going to put on it yet... Most of the embroidery I do, I give away but occasionally I decided I can do something for me. I love my BabyLock Ellure Plus and your patterns. Thanks Dianna J. Baklik

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