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Fabulous Festive Halloween Tablecloth

Created By Robyn

Halloween is the perfect time to show off your embroidery with a fun party or dinner! Robyn stitched several designs onto this awesome Halloween tablecloth. She writes,"I'm having so much fun and give my appreciation to you for teaching me, a very beginner, and giving me knowledge and ideas to try myself." Robyn seems more like an expert than a beginner, as the way she put these designs together works so well. All the designs Robyn stitched onto this fabulous Halloween tablecloth--the Jack o' Lantern Bouquet, the A Lot Like Lace Leaves, and the Jolly Jack-o-Lantern and Autumn Leaves (scroll down the page to see these)--are on sale 50% off! Thanks for sharing this outstanding tablecloth project, Robyn!

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