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Here Comes Santa's Stocking

Created By Greta

I made this stocking this weekend! I used design 361186. It was a long process, but well worth the effort! After measuring and marking where the design should go, I embroidered Santa, then laid the pattern over and centered him where I wanted him to end up. The stocking is Simplicity Holiday Collection, 4784. Material is stretchy and velvety, same material for the cuff and main part of the stocking. I didnt use any interfacing even though the material was very soft, and removed all the stabilizer around the design. It is lined with white satiny material. I tried to stay true to the colors used in your instructions but used a different brand of thread so it is the closest approximation I could get. I think it turned out beautifully, and the person I made it for is going to love it!! thank you for all your fun designs, and for the sales that make it possible for me to purchase them!! Greta Kanegae

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