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Ho-Ho-Holiday Greeting Cards

Created By Sara

have used many of your designs for greeting cards. At first, I tried the designs for cardstock, but they just didnt do justice to the work, etc. so I now sew out designs on netting over wss, wash out the wss, trim the netting, using a heat tool to clean the netting off the edges, and attach the designs on top of the cardstock. It gives it a 2D appearance and allows adding other colors of cardstock, etc. Ive included a variety of cards Ive made. I think I have made all of the valentine pajama animals and many of the hearts. Ive used the FSL that can be taken off and used as sun catchers or bookmarks. My church group every year makes valentines for the local nursing home and most of my cards have been used for them. I really enjoy Emb Lib designs, which Ive used in a lot of other ways as well. Thank you, Sara Fisher

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