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Leather Pillow Blooms with Creativity

Created By Pamela

Dear Debra, I love embroidering on leather with designs from Embroidery Library! There are never any extra stitches that could pierce the leather leaving a permanent hole. The designs are interesting, colorful and stitch out beautifully. I have also used several other leather designs from your collection for a tote bag which will be published in Vol 17, Issue 11 of Creative Machine Embroidery & Textile Arts. The photographs really do not do the design justice as it was very difficult for me to get a true picture. The leather reflected the flash so one photo is in natural light while the other had a flash used. The blue is more of an aqua, Madeira 1094 while the red was really a maroon, Madeira 1238. The four squares were butted together using a decorative stitch and having a strip of leather underneath for strength. I matched the green to a piece of suede cloth for the back and divided it into fourths using the same decorative stitch and thread. My husband asked me to make him a pillow that he could use to support his back while driving but after he saw what I had done, he decided that this one needed to be part of our living room decor instead. Guess I still need to make him that driving pillow, eh? Pamela Cox

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