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Mending and Ironing Made Fun

Created By Elizabeth

This two laundry hampers were embroidered by Elizabeth and her Babylock Ellure in order to help her become more enthusiastic about mending and ironing. She writes . . . "Of course I couldn't resist labeling each hamper for its intended use! Ironing and mending are two of my least favorite household tasks, but these hampers make the jobs slightly more fun. I love the girly, swirly clothes on the ironing hamper, but I sure wouldn't want to iron all of those ruffles in real life! I made the needles thread match the words so it looks like its mending the word 'Mend.' I used metallic thread for the hangers and the metal items in the sewing/mending basket. Everything stitched out beautifully!" Lovely work, Elizabeth - thanks for sharing such a neat project! Hopefully, the chores are less menial now!

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