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Nature Calls in Cameo Country

Created By Elaine

Congratulations to Elaine who won several awards for her beautiful wall hanging!

She writes, "I just wanted to let you know what a few of your embroidery designs inspired. In Medina County, Texas, we have a small fair every September. There is always a theme. This year It was Cameo Country. I used your outhouses and a few extras. I called this wall hanging 'Nature Calls In Cameo Country.'

I love it, Elaine! There are so many things to look at, and the bright colors are very eye-catching on the brown fabric.

She adds, "I used my Brothers Innovis 2400D. I love your embroidery pattern. I us them exclusively. I know I can trust them of accuracy and never had a problem to date. Thank you for all the hints and projects that you offer."

Thank YOU, Elaine, for sending in the photo and treating us to a glimpse of your work. You inspire us with your creations!

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