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Postcard Masks for Purim

Created By Marilyn

Marilyn created these 4x6 postcards as part of an exchange with an international quilter's group who exchange fabric postcards a couple times a year. There are themes for each exchange, and this one happened to be Jewish holidays in Spring for those above the equator or in Fall for those below the equator. She writes, "I chose Purim when we read the book of Esther in the old testament and dress up in Masquerade with our friends at the synagogue. I love the Emblibrary Princess mask which I embroidered with my Janome 350e. I used only two colours in most. I pieced 1 strips of bw fabrics in order from light colour values to darker. Afterwards, I embroidered French knots to hold six pointed stars to embellish the postcards. I hope the recipients enjoy receiving them as much as I enjoyed creating them. I save all of the great postcards I receive, create an album, and use it when Im teaching my fabric postcard workshops." This weekend sees the celebration of Purim in synagogues and homes around the world. These lovely postcards are sure to be very well received. Incredible work, Marilyn! Thanks for sharing!

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