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Pretty as a Flower

Created By Cathy

Cathy stitched "matching" sweatshirts for her granddaughters using the Precious Petals Trio design, on her Ultimate 2002D. She says, "I wanted to show you the hit of the day with the granddaughters. The girls are seven and five and if one gets something, they both have to have it. So Nana being smarter than the average granddaughter, I embroidered each of them a sweatshirt using the same design but with different colors. This one was for Meg. It's a royal blue shirt with flowers in shades of purple. Lizabeth's was turquoise with shades of aqua. I substituted gold thread for the brown and used a Madeira metallic white in place of regular white. The sparkly was a big hit." You know your girls well, Cathy! I can see how these would be a big hit with your granddaughters. Thank you for sharing this sweet project!

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