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Created By Priscilla

The springtime songbirds will soon fill the air with their songs. Until then, no birds will be listening - so sing away yourself! Priscilla has a great reminder for herself to do the same on her fridge with her chirpy magnet. She was actually inspired by someone else who had made magnets back in 2008. She describes . . . "Well, that sent my creative juices flowing. As the story goes, I bought this cardinal singing design a while ago along with the dancing one, too. And filed it away waiting for inspiration on application. So when I saw this design turned into a magnet I knew my fridge needed this. I love cardinals, their color and song. This design stitched out flawlessly and beautifully on my Viking SE. And I love walking into my kitchen and seeing this cardinal on my fridge reminding me to keep on singing. The digitizing on the cardinal is perfect. He looks like he is singing his heart out. Im going to make the Dance Like Nobodys Watching design into a magnet also for my neice who is a ballet dancer/instructor. Once again, too much fun. Thanks for sharing your fun story and cheery project, Priscilla! Here are instructions for making three different types of magnets.

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