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Upcycled Denim Placemats

Created By Betsy

Hello! Deb asked that I send the photos of my denim placemats using ELs designs. My customer placed an order for 48--yes, 48--placemats (6 sets of 8 each) for Christmas giving. I had more fun cutting up 32 pairs of bluejeans and working up the design placement, along with the jeans pockets. I have had a lot of very positive comments from my customers, as they never thought of using jeans for placemats!! I can credit EL with the original idea!! Thanks, Kenny! I have taken several more orders for the same placemats using different themes. Everyone loves the idea of recycling! I did use my serger (a wide, 3-thread wrapped stitch) for the edging, though, as it was much easier than sewing the lining panel and front panel Right Sides Together...I used woolly nylon on some of the edging and cotton quilting thread for the different edge treatments. The HUGE Holiday Glitz Christmas Tree worked perfectly on the table runner! I am known for thinking outside the box, and this item was no exception. The linen towel was originally intended to be used as a kitchen towel. I turned it sideways and decided the tree would be so perfect on the towel!! The other item, a Christmas Pillow, was also made from a linen kitchen towel. Thanks to ELs suggestion and photos (Susans Dishtowel Pillow), I went that direction. However, I must admit I did stitch a small strip of Velcro underneath the overlapped pillow front and then on the corresponding pillow back. It does keep the overlays in place better. I used a 12x14 pillow form. This pillow uses the Holiday Glitz tree from the small design pack (so I could add text and still fit on the pillow panel). I love these designs! Thanks so much! Betsy Faske, owner Needles and Pins Brenham, TX

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