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Finding Blank Items for Embroidery

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This edition of "Kenny's Korner" is really your korner, and it's all about finding blank items for embroidery. Whether you've found yourself in charge of stitching uniforms for everyone on your daughter's softball team, or you're searching for the perfect baby bonnet to stitch on, sooner or later you're going to be looking for blanks. These plain and simple items are all over, but you have to know where to find them. On this page we've listed a few that we know of.

But if two heads are better than one, imagine what we can all build together! We're putting the question to you, the wonderfully crafty family of Embroidery Library stitchers. Where do you find blank T-shirts, sweatshirts, totes, towels, bibs, handkerchiefs, aprons and more for embroidery? Send your recommendations to [email protected], and we'll post them on this page. Let's make this a growing resource for machine embroiderers around the world!

Here are a few tips, for starters:

Shop retail stores. Discount department stores like our hometown Target can be a great resource for finding blanks. Plain T-shirts, towels, in more are always in stock. They might come in the current "in" colors, which can be good or bad depending on what you're looking for. Higher-end department stores have high quality items and, depending on the store, might have more of the "classics." Home stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond are another place to check for towels and linens. Craft stores often stock a selection of inexpensive T-shirts, towels, and such in a variety of basic colors. If you or the recipients of your embroidery have a favorite clothing store, look there for plain shirts and more - you can always count on the tried and true!

Sew your own blanks. OK, this doesn't really count as "finding" blanks, but if you like to sew as well as embroider, making your own blank totes, towels, aprons, and even clothing can be a good option. It allows you to create precisely the item you want, and to embroider the fabric easily before all the pieces go together.

Order online. You knew we'd say this, didn't you? We don't sell any blanks, but there are plenty of websites out there that do, in varying styles and prices. Some of these companies will sell to individuals, while others are targeted toward businesses and require you to have a tax ID number in order to purchase. Here are a few we've found:

The Sewphisticated Stitcher offers higher quality blanks targeted to embroidery hobbyists and gift-givers -- everything from frilly baby items to pet clothes to handkerchiefs. Its sister site, Discount Embroidery Blanks, offers a similar selection for prices that are often lower, but requires a $75 minimum order.

AllStitch offers some unique embroiderable items, including teddy bears and Kiwi embroidery paper.

All About Blanks offers a wide selection of dainty and home-style items. This is a higher-end site to check out if you're making a keepsake gift.

Embroidery Blanks Etc. carries shirts, jackets, and other wearables at wholesale prices. You don't need to be in business to order, but there's a $100 minimum. offers a wide variety of shirts for men, women, and kids. There's no minimum order required, and you don't need a tax ID number to order.

Now it's your turn! What are your favorite places online to find blanks for embroidery? Share your knowledge with other Embroidery Library stitchers! Send your recommendations to [email protected], and we'll post them on this page.