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Fringe Embroidery

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Specially-digitized fringe embroidery designs add an unexpected layer of texture and depth to your projects. Follow these instructions to find three different ways to add fringe to your embroidery.

Project Needs & Notes:

- Fringe embroidery design
- Medium-weight (2.5 ounce) cutaway stabilizer
- Water-soluble thread (optional)

The fringe designs featured in this tutorial include:
A3438, Chick
A3434, Fox
A3442, Lion

Designs Used

Fringe designs are specially digitized with rows of satin stitches that are used to make fringe.

There are two types of fringe that can be made. One is loopy, and the other is cut and fuzzy.

The first part of this tutorial will demonstrate how to make loopy fringe; the second will show how to make cut and fuzzy fringe.

Hoop your fabric or item with a piece of cutaway stabilizer.

It is essential to use cutaway stabilizer when embroidering fringe; tear-away or water-soluble stabilizer cannot be used.

Loopy Fringe: Method 1

After embroidering, turn the piece over to see the back.

Focus on the rows of satin stitch columns.

At one end of a satin row, cut the last bobbin stitch.

At the other end of the satin row, cut the last bobbin stitch.

Pinch the bobbin stitch from the middle of the row with tweezers and pull it straight up from the satin column.

Repeat this for all of the fringed areas.

Turn the piece over so the right side is facing up, and fluff the fringe with the point of a small scissors.

Loopy Fringe: Method 2

Another method is to use water-soluble thread in the bobbin.

Wind a bobbin with water-soluble thread.

When embroidering the design, reference the color change sheet.

The color change sheet will have a note that says, "can use water-soluble thread in bobbin."

When you reach that section, use the bobbin with water-soluble thread.

Remember to switch back to regular bobbin thread after completing the step.

After embroidering, launder the item. The water removes the water-soluble thread, creating the fringe.

Cut and Fuzzy Fringe:

To make cut and fuzzy fringe, hoop the fabric or item with cutaway stabilizer and embroider the design.

After embroidering, turn the piece over so the back is facing up.

Cut through the outer edge of the top stitches in each satin column.

Turn the piece right side up and fluff the fringe with the point of a scissors.

Add stunning style and texture to your embroidery with these designs! Give a ferocious lion a furry mane or a clever fox a bushy tail with this embroidery technique.

If your fringe design has applique, follow the color change sheet steps to add your applique piece. More tips for applique can be found here.

Recommended Designs