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Vertical Sprays: The Picture of Versatility

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Designs Used

Vertical sprays have become the most popular designs. Their unique shape brings contemporary flavor to projects, while working with classic or traditional themes and motifs.

These types of designs draw the eye up with pleasing color and energy. They're a perfect fit for the legs of jeans, borders of quilts and wall hangings, totes, and more. We added sprays to a variety of garments and home decor items to give you ideas and inspiration for your own projects. Read on for more details about how vertical sprays can brighten your days!

Spruce up the bath with sprays! Beautiful bath towel sets become a coordinated work of art by combining sprays and accessories.

The long running shape of sprays lends itself fabulously to bath towels, as well as the smaller space of hand towels. We used the largest size possible on the bath towel, and smaller sizes and accessories on the washcloths.

Positioning the spray on the right or left third of the towels adds a contemporary touch.

Using one piece of cutaway stabilizer on the back of a towel will bring the best results. If you're new to stitching on towels, this tutorial is a great guide:

Fabrics 101: Embroidering on Towels

Button-up shirts are like a blank canvas, just begging to be brightened up with bright and colorful designs.

And, hooping is a dream because of the ability to unbutton the shirt.

One piece of cutaway as backing is the right choice for cotton shirts like this. The cutaway stabilizer supports the fabric during embroidery, and during wear and wash as well.

For this garment, we used a vertical spray that was slightly less than 7 inches in length. Use a larger size for a bolder statement, smaller for a subtler statement.

The spray is positioned with the center point halfway between the placket and the shoulder seam.

Paper templates are a tremendous help in putting a design where you want it. If you're new to making or using templates, click here for a quick explanation and tutorial.

Placemats are a terrific way to change decor for the seasons and the holidays. Blank placemats can be found in many stores, including Walmart, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Vertical sprays add splashes of color to the dining table, and add elegant lines to place settings as well. Place on the right or the left - the choice is yours!

Usually embroidered aprons feature the design on the top. But we found that adding a design to the hip made the look...well, hip.

The off-center positioning adds a modern and contemporary look. The bright colors in the flower are striking against the neutral fabric.

Embroidered aprons are a beautiful addition to a gift basket. Stitch the same design onto towels for a coordinating look.

Vertical sprays on tote bags add a fresh and contemporary look. Place them anywhere you like on the tote, or stitch more than one for a personal design composition.

Blank tote bags are fairly easy to find, but the narrower ones can be tricky to hoop. Embroidery Library has many tutorials that demonstrate how to make tote bags in a variety of shapes and sizes. Click here to find them!

Colorful sprays are a perfect fit for the backs of jackets. The long, flowing lines of vertical sprays are ideal for the open area jacket backs can provide. A very fashionable look!

Give an old denim jacket new life, or transform a plain jacket into something stylish and unique to you.

When embroidering on denim, use one piece of cutaway stabilizer as backing. This Fabrics 101 article will guide you.

The cutaway stabilizer supports denim both during embroidery and after, during wear and wash, giving your work a polished and professional look.

The long vertical shape of pant legs and the flowing lines of vertical sprays are a match made in heaven!

Whether you embroider the thigh area or the calf, denim jeans are a great place to show off vertical sprays in all their glory.