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Bookmarks with Tassels (Lace)

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Gorgeous freestanding lace bookmarks are a stunning gift for friends, family, and loved ones. Add tassels to your lace bookmarks for an extra elegant look -- these instructions show how to stitch a lace tassel as well as how to make a tassel out of a miniature design and decorative cord.


Project Needs & Notes

- Water-soluble stabilizer
  (such as Vilene or Sulky Ultra Solvy)
- 10" piece of decorative cord

You may use 40 weight rayon thread, metallic thread, or 30-35 weight cotton thread (mercerized cotton, also called all-purpose thread).

For this tutorial, I used designs from the Easter Bookmark and Tassel Pack design pack.

Designs Used

Freestanding lace designs are specially digitized for water-soluble stabilizer. After the stabilizer is removed, beautiful lace remains behind.

There are a couple of different kinds of water-soluble stabilizer. One is clear and plastic, and that brand is Sulky Ultra Solvy. The other is soft and fibrous, called Vilene.

Both will work very well. Vilene is used in this demonstration.

Use a size 11 or 75/11 sharp sewing needle. A sharp sewing needle has a smaller, finer point than an embroidery needle. That means it will make smaller holes in the stabilizer.

Freestanding lace is seen from both sides, so wind a bobbin with the same thread that you're using in the needle.

Hoop the stabilizer firmly. Bookmarks are long and narrow, so take special care to hoop the stabilizer firmly.

Embroider the design.

Most lace designs are digitized for 40 weight thread, either polyester or rayon.

Metallic thread or 30-35 weight all-purpose cotton /mercerized cotton thread can also be used.

After embroidering, cut the excess stabilizer away.

Then, soak the rest away according to package instructions.

Air dry, and press.

After the bookmark and tassel are dry and pressed, put the ring end of the tassel piece through the loop at the top of the bookmark.

Bring the decorative end of the tassel through the ring end. 

You may need to roll up the decorative end to get it through the ring.

Pull the decorative end completely through the ring.

You can also add a tassel with decorative cord and a small lace design.

Cut a 10-inch piece of cord. Thread the cord through the top loop of the mini design, and knot the ends together.

Thread the knot through the top loop of the bookmark piece. 

Put the mini design between the cords, just below the knot.

If you keep the knot close to the top of the bookmark, the knot will flip to the back of the loop when the cord is pulled completely through, and a nice, neat attachment will result.

These lace bookmarks are a gorgeous way to save your spot while reading.

Tuck these bookmarks into gifts of books, greeting cards, or Bibles for an extra-special touch.

Troubleshooting Tips

Here is an example of a lace piece that failed. There are gaps between the satin stitches and the fills, so when the stabilizer is removed, the lace will not hold together.

If the stabilizer is not hooped tightly enough, then you may
see gaps and misalignment, as shown in this "oops" example.

Other causes of misalignment and gaps include bobbin tension that's too tight, stabilizer that is too thin, using an embroidery needle instead of a sharp sewing needle, or using a too-large needle when embroidering lace.

Also, some stabilizers have a coating on them, causing them
to slip in the hoop. Avoid those kinds of stabilizers.

Vilene and Sulky Ultra Solvy are the brands of water-soluble stabilizer that we use and recommend

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