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Embroidered Ribbon Greeting Card

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Embroidered greeting cards have never been so luxurious! Add a personal touch for any occasion whether it's season's greetings, birthday wishes or an extra-special thank you card. 

We'll show you how to add a satin ribbon to cardstock, and also how to embroider and finish the card.


Supplies needed:

**High-quality card stock
**2 1/2 inch wide ribbon
**Decorative paper or wrapping paper
**Fabric (temporary) spray adhesive
**Permanent spray adhesive or all-purpose glue
**Medium-weight cutaway stabilizer

Designs Used:

**Graphic Christmas Tree (a2379)

Designs Used

First, fold the cardstock to a card shape and cut it to size.

Next, cut a piece of medium-weight cutaway stabilizer so that it is a bit larger than your hoop. Then spray the stabilizer with temporary adhesive.

Hoop the stabilizer firmly, then smooth the inside flap of the card onto the stabilizer.

Cut a strip of ribbon the width of the card, leaving about an inch overhang on both ends.

Next, attach the ribbon. Spray the backside of the ribbon with temporary spray adhesive.

Smooth the ribbon onto the card.

Now find the center of the card. Make sure to use a pencil or air erase pen for these steps so you can erase the marks later.

Start by measuring the width of the card, divide by two and mark the center on the top and bottom.

Then, using the two center marks as guides, mark the center of the ribbon by measuring the height and dividing by two.

Attach the hoop to the machine and load the design. Move the hoop so the needle is right over the center mark, and embroider the design.

When the design is finished, remove the card from the hoop and cut away the excess stabilizer.

Now, gently peel back the ribbon and spray it with permanent adhesive. Be careful to spray only the ribbon and not the front of the card. You may use an all-purpose glue instead of spray adhesive.

After spraying, lay the ribbon back down on the card and smooth it over the front.

Turn the card over, bend the excess ribbon to the back of the card and smooth it into place.

Finish the inside of the card with decorative paper. Cut a piece to size, spray it with permanent adhesive, and smooth on the inside of the card.