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How to Embroider Toilet Paper

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From novelty gifts for Christmas, birthdays, and more, to quirky home decor, machine embroidered toilet paper is a multi-faceted project! Not only does it provide a conversation starter for friends, family, and guests, but it can also be useful in a bathroom emergency (so long as you remove the embroidered squares first). It's the machine embroidery project you never knew that you needed! Our step-by-step tutorial will show you how to stitch your own embroidered toilet paper.


  • 4" by 4" hoop
  • One roll of two-ply toilet paper
  • Medium-weight cutaway stabilizer
  • Water-soluble stabilizer
  • Temporary spray adhesive
  • A lighter stitching embroidery design of choice

Designs Used

To start, roll out the toilet paper, positioning so it rolls from the top, not from underneath. Take the first three perfect squares and fold under so the layer is doubled. Make sure it is even and smooth.

Spray your cutaway stabilizer with temporary spray adhesive and place it under your folded pieces of toilet paper, leaving excess stabilizer around the toilet paper to help center the hoop and design.

Place the water-soluble stabilizer on top of toilet paper.

Gently hoop all three of these layers together.

Secure the hoop to your machine. Be sure the toilet paper has enough slack to move without tearing and is flowing the right way. Position your roll as it is pictured on the left.

Embroider design as usual, making sure the toilet paper extra toilet paper is clear of the hoop and needle.

When you are finished embroidering, unhoop the finished embroidery. Then gently tear away the water soluble solution away from the embroidery, trimming away any extra that doesn't tear off.

Trim the away the excess stabilizer from the back. 

Roll the paper back up so it looks like it came straight from the package.

Recommended Designs