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Party Hats

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Children everywhere love to pretend. One day they'll be a sheriff, catching the bad guys, and the next they are playing house, cooking the supper and doing the dishes.

Imaginative play is essential for their development, and these Party and Dress up Hats will help them to go wherever their imaginations take them!

Designs Used

For costume and dress-up hats, embroider  the design on your choice of fabric.  Felt, denim, and duck cloth are all excellent choices. Then, trim around the design. Cut out the eyelets, and if you choose, use 1/8" grommets for extra strength. Attach elastic, and attach it to a child's head. Tell him or her to let imaginations run wild.

The cone hats are available in two sizes: child, and doll.  The child size has a circumference of 15 inches.  The doll size has a circumference of 12 1/8 inches.

Each size is available as one design file. The child size is available as one file, and also split into two pieces.  All of the cone hat files download as one zipped file that contains the designs and a template.

When working with a split file, embroider the right side first.

A crosshair will sew at the end of the right file. Unhoop the fabric and slide it straight across the bottom hoop, being careful not to twist or rotate the fabric. Rehoop the fabric, and forward to the first stitch. Move the needle so it is above the sewn crosshair, then begin the file. A second crosshair will sew. Complete the design.

Open the dieline file (with your embroidery software), and print it at full size. If you are printing on 8 1/2" x 11" paper, the doll size dieline will print on one page. The child size dieline will print on two pages.

Cut out the dieline. If the dieline is on two pages, cut it out and tape the pieces together. 

Turn the embroidery over and trace the dieline on the back

Cut the fabric using the dieline's outline as a guide.

Remove the crosshair stitches. Cut the fabric from the eyelets.

Fold the fabric into a cone.  The tab can go under or over the opposite side, whichever you prefer. Seal with hot glue, or stitches.

If you wish, you can use 1/8" grommets to add strength to the eyelets.

These party hats can be worn by children, dolls, or patient family pets.  Enjoy!

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