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Towel Toppers

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Colorful and vibrant towel toppers hang from cupboard pulls, towel bars, and oven door handles.

Functional, fashionable, and great gifts for family and friends. Click on the image to the right to see a video about towel toppers -- or refer to the written instructions below.


Supplies needed:

**1/4 yard medium-weight fabric (duck cloth, light canvas, heavy cotton, denim, etc.)
**Cutaway stabilizer
**1 kitchen or hand towel
**3/4 inch button for large topper, 1/2 inch button for small topper
**Needle & thread for hand-sewing
**Snap tape or Velcro

Designs Used

Any medium-weight fabric works well for a towel topper. Examples are duck cloth, denim, medium-to-heavy weight cotton, washable felt, etc.

For this example, we're using a heavy 100% woven cotton.

Hoop the fabric with a piece of cutaway stabilizer.

Embroider the design. Be sure to experiment with different colors to match your home decor.

After you have finished embroidering the design, trim around the design closely and carefully. Leave a 1" tab at the bottom -- this is where the towel will be attached.

Measure the snap tape so that the snaps are evenly distributed on the 1" tab at the bottom of the topper, with a snap on each end. You can also use Velcro.

Leave 1/4 inch of snap tape on either side to fold under for a neat finish.

Pin the snap tape (or Velcro) into place, fold under the ends for a neat finish, and sew to the tab.

Trim the excess fabric beneath the snap tape away.

Cut a kitchen or hand towel in half, horizontally.

Hem the cut edge.

Pleat the hemmed edge of the towel into box pleats, so that the pleated end is the same width as the topper.

Sew the box pleats into place.

Sew the other side of the snap tape (or Velcro) to the back of the towel.

Using a craft knife and cutting pad, cut a slit through the buttonhole, being careful not to cut any satin stitches.

Fold the tab to the backside of the topper, and mark where the button should be placed.

Sew a button to the back of the topper. When sewing, make sure that the stitches don't go through to the front of the embroidery; try to keep them between the fabric and stabilizer.

Wrap the tab of the topper around a towel bar or oven door handle, anywhere you need a towel.

Attach the towel into place. Enjoy this fashionable and functional project!

Recommended Designs