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Resolving transferring issues with Brother / Baby Lock machines

If your machine doesn't read or display a design, or if you get an error message, check the items below:

1. Is your machine's embroidery area/hoop too small?

If your machine is too small for the design, then it won't display it. Find the size that your machine can stitch and compare it to the size of the design. If the design is larger than what your machine can stitch, you can split it and stitch it in multiple hoopings.

If we have a smaller size of the design, we may exchange it for you. Read the HELP topic here for more information about exchanges.

2. Is the design unzipped?

Machines cannot read zipped files. Most designs can be downloaded from your order history as unzipped files; a few are downloadable as zipped only. Unzip the designs before transferring them to your machine. Click here for instructions for unzipping on a PC, and click here for instructions for unzipping on a Mac.

3. Did you change the name of the design?

If you changed the name to something that includes special characters, like %($#@^&*, or if you deleted the file extension, then your machine may not be able to read the design. Download the design from your order history and load it to your machine without changing the name.

4. Is the capacity/size of the USB too large?

I have two USBs; one has a 64MB capacity, the other is much larger, 16GB. Our Brother Innovis won't read anything off of the 16GB drive, it needs a drive with a smaller capacity.

5. Do you have many files on the USB drive?

Some machines will only recognize the first 100 files on a USB. If you're having trouble with your machine reading a design, remove all the other files from the USB so that only the one that you're working with remains.

6. Do you have the proper hoop attached?

Some machines, especially Baby Lock machines, require that the right size hoop be attached to the machine. If it isn't, you'll get an error message stating "cannot be sewn in this mode." Attach the correct hoop, and retry.

If the above tips don't resolve the problem you're having, please let us know. Send an email to [email protected] and include:

- your order number
- the design that you're working with
- type of embroidery machine you have
- a description of the problem

Please include all of the information requested so that we can help you troubleshoot the issue.

If you have questions about the above, let us know! Send an email to [email protected].