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Choosing the format for your embroidery machine

When ordering designs, the site will ask you to choose a format. The "format" is the language that an embroidery machine reads.

A list of machines and recommended formats is below. If your machine is not on the list below, then contact the company that makes the machine and ask which format is recommended.

Baby Lock (most models)   PES
Baby Lock Endurance   PES or DST
Bernina 8 Series   EXP
Bernina 7 Series   EXP
Bernina 430, 440   ART
Bernina 200   ART
Bernina 185   ART
Bernina 180   ART
Bernina 165   ART
Bernina Deco 340   EXP
Bernina Deco 330   ART or PES
Brother Entrepreneur and Pro   PES or DST
Brother DreamMaker   PES or DST
Brother Quattro   PES or DST
Brother ULT   PES or DST
Brother PC, PE, and HE models   PES
Brother Innovis   PES or DST
Brother 700 models   PES
Elna 8600 and 9600   JEF
Husqvarna/Viking Designer 1   SHV*
Husqvarna/Viking Designer 2   HUS
Husqvarna/Viking Designer Epic   VP3, VIP, or DST
Husqvarna/Viking Designer SE   VIP or DST
Husqvarna/Viking Diamond   VIP or DST
Husqvarna/Viking Rose, Iris, +1   HUS
Husqvarna/Viking Topaz   VP3
Janome 9500, 10000, 11000, 12000, 15000   JEF
Janome 300, 350, 500E   JEF
Janome MB4   DST
Janome 9000, 5700   SEW
Pfaff 7570   PCS
Pfaff 2144 and 2170   PCS
Pfaff Creative models   VIP, VP3, or DST
Singer XL models   XXX
Singer Futura   FHE**

*Embroidery Library does not sell the SHV format; use conversion software, such as Embird, to convert to the SHV format.

**Embroidery Library does not sell the FHE format; select another format and convert to FHE with the Futura software.

If you have questions about the above, let us know! Send an email to [email protected].