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Exchanging designs for smaller sizes

If you've accidentally bought designs or packs that are larger than what your machine can read, and if we have those designs in smaller sizes, then we may (at our discretion) exchange those items at no additional charge within a year of purchase.

Begin by updating your user profile with the size that your machine can stitch. The website has a size warning system in place that's meant to prevent you from ordering designs larger than what your machine can stitch. If you have accurate information in your user profile, then warning messages about size will appear in your basket. Read about that more in this HELP topic here, and update your profile.

Then, request a smaller size, send an email to [email protected], within a year of purchase, with this information:

- The order number(s)
- The names of the designs or packs that are larger than what your machine can read
- The type of embroidery machine (make and model) that you have

After we receive the information we'll evaluate your order(s) and change the sizes to smaller ones when available. You'll be notified when the changes have been made, and you'll be able to download the smaller sizes from your order history.

If smaller sizes are not available, then no exchange is possible.

Size exchanges are not made for free designs; they're only made for designs that have been purchased in the last year.

If you have questions about the above, let us know! Send an email to [email protected].